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AJAX Minifier

Microsoft AJAX Minifier 4.0 have been released and do you wonder what is about ..?

The Microsoft Ajax Minifier enables you to improve the performance of your Ajax applications by reducing the size of your JavaScript files. The Microsoft Ajax Minifier supports two levels of minification: normal crunching and hypercrunching. Normal crunching refers to the process of removing unnecessary whitespace, comments, semicolons, and curly braces. Hypercrunching refers to the process of shortening the names of local variables and removing unreachable code.

The Microsoft Ajax Minifier includes the following components:

  • Command-line tool– ajaxmin.exe — Enables you to minify JavaScript files from a command prompt.
  • MSBuild Task — ajaxmintask.dll — Enables you to minify JavaScript files in a Visual Studio project automatically when performing a build.
  • Component — ajaxmin.dll — Enables you to to use the Microsoft Ajax Minifier programmatically.

Here is the link where you can download the AJAX Minifier:

And here is the tutorial link where it was explained little brief on it.

Yesterday I found hard to implement minifier support through my C#, Because I couldn’t get any tutorial anywhere, And at last I found a tutorial page.

There are so many other Minifiers on existing


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At last by using the Minifiers, Make you application light weight, hight performance and load quicker than others.