Its not engineering whatever be a pro


It has been long that I wrote a blog. Totally I have written some 5 blogs and all ‘ll be on technical, which I had read in other articles and make it here.

But this blog I try to make my own, but eventually refers an article from news paper.

MATH — Am not to talk about the Mathematics, but the way of education, scope and our mentality about arts in India.

Year of Mathematics – an article from India Express on 31 Dec, 2012. While I am reading this article, lot of things opened to me about the area and field to work.

Let me start from my or most of Indian students life. We use to read Maths and science from our childhood to college. But all the way our way of education is Pattern recognition, where we follow the pattern or formula to solve the problem and we never know where it will be used or implemented.

And our parents, don’t want to get into arts and always tell to others that “My son is an engineer”, unless parents are working as teacher (becoz they want their son/daughter to become as teacher, safest job :P).

So our life go like go to engineer college, get into the job or do arts, PG, Ph.d and go as teacher.People will fear that arts subjects will not give job which pay higher.

But the ways have changed now. Where companies are going into a innovative world which involves on research and analysis which needs science.

Lets take a software engineer, who works on any platform which uses algorithms in it to solve lot of issues like sorting, hash etc..

In the express article, Rajeeva, director of CMI speaking, I came to know that their are specilized college for arts CMI, ISI which will take hand full of students every year and focus on research on Maths, Physics and computer.

And Rajeeva have consulted work for Parliamentary election and state assembly pools for Doordarshan, TV Today and more channels.Involved in CBI case to find the cheating involved in multiple choice question and as we know maths always involve in defence for encryption (use to know from Roja movie, thanks to Sujatha writer).

And all the banks, upcoming technological concepts like BigData, Machine learning, robotics all involves the science.

And I was looking into a Facebook engineering video and an indian was talking. I surfed about him and find out that he is an make of CMI college. And looked all profiles of CMI students and every one are in big jobs.

So it doesn’t matter whether we are engineer or an arts graduate. But what we do on that field is going to make our future.

“Sense of Discovery” in all our works need to there on whatever we do and it will become something big.

Ask why and how, which enables our minds to explore the things and its working to lead the innovation.

And then I decided that we should not bend our children to what we like or majority of people do. Let them know what they are good at and interested in. But one things, what ever they choose they need to become pro in it. 🙂


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