9. Marita’s Bargain


KIPP – Knowledge is Power Program

KIPP academy – poorest neighborhoods in New York city. Chosen by lottery.

“SSLANT” – Smile, Sit up, Listen, Ask questions, nod when being spoken to, and track with your eyes.

No exaggeration to say that ten years into its existence, KIPP has become one of the most desirable public schools in New York City and famous for its mathematics.

“Relation of Education to Insanity”, – “over-study”

“Education lays the foundation of a large portion of the causes of mental disorder”

“Not infrequently is health itself destroyed by over-stimulation the mind”


Summer vacation – California Achievement Test – reading scores – socioeconomic class – low, middle, high.

(After return from summer vacation) 5th grade: Low – 461, Middle – 497, High – 534.

Achievement gap: kids don’t have same inherent ability to learn as children from more privileged backgrounds. Some way our schools are failing poor children.

School-year gains – whole year test result

Low – 189, Middle – 214, High – 184

Reading score changes during Summer vacation:

Low – 0.26, Middle – 7.09, High – 52.49

When it comes to reading skills, poor kids learn nothing when school is not in session. Result of differences in the way privileged kids learn while they are not in school also.

Students in Asia don’t have long summer vacations.

KIPP schools set out to solve by decided to bring the lessons of the rice paddy to the American inner city.

KIPP school – 7.25 AM – 5 PM and then sports or homework clubs (7 PM).

Saturdays – 9 – 1

Summer – 8 – 2 ( extra 3 weeks of school in July)

Students working on single problem for 20 mins, methodically, carefully, working his way not just the answer, but also the question of whether there was more than one way to get the answer.

What that extra time does is allow for a more relaxed atmosphere. Extended amount of time gives you the chance as a teacher to explain things, and more time for the kids to sit and digest everything that’s going on – to review, to do things at a slower pace. Extra time gave them chance to make Math meaningful.

A 5th grade girl cried every Saturday, that she was horrible in math. Huge tears and tears. She just e-mailed us a couple weeks ago. She’s is in college now. She’s an accounting major.

Story of miracle school transforms losers into winners, of course too familiar, It’s the stuff of inspirational books and sentimental Hollywood movies. But KIPP is a good deal less glamorous than that.

KIPP students – wake up 5:45 and go to bed by 11PM after finishing the homework’s.

We believe children should have time to play and dream and sleep. But for poor students, there community does not give her what she needs. (Facility to learn, resources etc,.)

So what does she have to do? Give up her evenings and weekends and friends – all elements of her old world – and replace them with KIPP.

Outliers are those who have been given opportunities.

KIPP students doesn’t need a brand-new school with acres of playing fields and facilities. They doesn’t need a laptop, a smaller class, a teacher with Ph.D, or a bigger apartment. She doesn’t need a higher IQ. All those things would be nice, of course. But they miss the point. They just needed a chance.

10. A Jamaican Story


Daisy Donald – schoolteacher Jamica, twins daughter Faith and Joyce. When Donald was told that he had fathered twins, he sank down on his knees and surrendered responsibility for their lives over to God.

Joyce went to private high school and university in London and fell in love with Graham. They had three sons and built a beautiful house on a hill. Graham’s last name is Gladwell, my father and Joyce is my mother.

My mother’s path of success isn’t true and not a lie.

In 1935 when my mother were four. William M. MacMillan visited Jamica and deeply concern about social problems. No public high schools or universities. They need to go extra classes with head teacher and somehow find their way to private school and university to US or England. But scholarships were few and far between and cost of private schooling was prohibitive for all but a privileged few.

MacMillan wrote and published his book about it and Jamica problems. Then British government took it seriously and proposed scholarship to go to private schools from 1941.

My mother and twin sat for exam the following year. My aunt awarded scholarship and my mother was not.

My grandmother was steadfast, sent both to school(without money to pay for next term) and prayed and at end of first term one of other girls won two scholarships and second one gave to my mother.

For university, “Centenary” – hundered years of slavery in Jamaica, one scholarship each year of whole island to top boy or girl alternative year. That year was girls and my aunt got it.My mother was not. My grandmother borrowed money from Chinese shop which is huge amount and sent them both to London.

History about Jamaica, British slavery. buying slaves and relationship with them – mulatto – getting privileged than black. Same time in America you should not have relation ship with slave.

About color issues,  about his great great great grandfather bought his great.. grandmother and son mulatto and getting privileged in future.

About his mother insulted by mother-in-law about the dark color. ASking God about dominating whites, And she realize thro’ God spirit that Have you not done the same thing? Have you not been glad that you are not colored than you are? Grateful that you are not black?. She thinks She was no better than her mother-in-law. Both guilty of the sin of self-regard, pride.


No Outlier say truthfulness “I did this, all by myself”. They don’t. They are products of history and community, of opportunity and legacy.





6. Harlan, Kentucky


Harlan county – hearded sheep, small farms, whiskey in backyard. Samuel Howard – courthouse and the jail. William Turner – a tavern and two general stores.

Once neighbor’s cow wandered onto their land, Turner’s grandson show the cow dead. They were so harsh people and not pleasant people, who kills for small things like this. One time both the grandsons got into gunshot for cheating in poker. And both the family get into serious fight and gun shots and killing. Things quickly went from bad to worse.

These people are not pleasant because its from there root. Statistics show that the Southerner who can avoid arguments and adultery is as safe as any other American. In the backcountry, violence wasn’t for economic gain. It was personal. You fought over your honor. “Culture of honor”

Insult experiment and trigger point.

Culture legacies are powerful forces and have deep roots and long lives. They persist, generation after generation virtually intact and inherits.

7. The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes


Korean Air flight crashes.

Plane crashes are much more likely to be the result of an accumulation of minor difficulties and seemingly trivial malfunctions. It is the combination of all those errors that leads to disaster.

Kinds of errors that cause plane crashes are invariably errors of teamwork and communication. Tricky situation needs to be resolved through a complex series of steps and some fail to coordinate and miss one of them.

Fuel exhaustion crash – co-pilot to ATC transcript communication.

Communicate – not just sense of issuing commands, but also in the sense of encouraging and cajoling and calming and negotiating and sharing information in the clearest and most transparent manner possible.

Newyork ATC are famous for being rude, aggressive, and bullying.

Power Distance index  – authority, respect, fear to designation.

Americans fall back on their American-ness, and that American-ness means that the ARC is thought of as an equal. But koreans are low PDI.

Later Greenberg’s run korean flight operations and first improve the proficiency of aviation English and second was to bring western firm – step out of roles in cockpit(out from cultural legacy)

8. Rice Paddies and Math Tests


Southern China – Pearl River Delta – land covered thick smoggy haze, generations before were rice paddies.

Rice cultivated in China for 1000 years and technique spread various East Asia.

Rice paddies are “built” not opened up like wheat fields.

Numbers – short term memory – 7 numbers.

The Number Sense – book. Chinese number words are remarkably brief and most be uttered one-quarter of second.

The memory gap between English and Chinese is due to length. Number-naming systems in Western and Asian languages are constructed.

Numbers like(includes tamil) – 11,12, and three-fifths. It has logical counting system.

Asian children learn to count much faster than American children.

No number translation is necessary for Asian children.

Western University research says that Asian children do well Math there.


Western agriculture – “mechanically” oriented, sophisticated equipment replace human labour, increase his acreage.

Asian agriculture – didn’t have money to buy equipment, wasn’t any extra land. Improved their yields by becoming smarter. – Skill oriented

Asian hard working ( more hours), even do work in other job even in non- season periods.

Meaningful work – clear relationship between effort and reward.

“No one who can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year fails to make his family rich” – Every story so far involves someone or some group working harder than their peers.

Alan Schoenfeld – Math professor- video tape – Renee – computer slope math problem.

Glorious misconception ( Patience and curiosity) – goes back same issue, keep going and going, simply won’t give up.

School students won’t try for not more than 2 minutes, they immediately ask how to solve it.

Experiment to school students to solve a problem, and don’t come back in try for two weeks , first you won’t get anything, spend more time, keep working, you’ll find you’ll make significant progress.

You master Math if you are willing to try.

TIMSS exam – questionnaire and math exam. Rank match of who have patience in filling questionnaire done math well. Country who are will to concentrate and sit still long enough and focus on answering every single question in an endless question-naire are same countries students do best job of solving math problems. Country – Singapore, South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Its not engineering whatever be a pro


It has been long that I wrote a blog. Totally I have written some 5 blogs and all ‘ll be on technical, which I had read in other articles and make it here.

But this blog I try to make my own, but eventually refers an article from news paper.

MATH — Am not to talk about the Mathematics, but the way of education, scope and our mentality about arts in India.

Year of Mathematics – an article from India Express on 31 Dec, 2012. While I am reading this article, lot of things opened to me about the area and field to work.

Let me start from my or most of Indian students life. We use to read Maths and science from our childhood to college. But all the way our way of education is Pattern recognition, where we follow the pattern or formula to solve the problem and we never know where it will be used or implemented.

And our parents, don’t want to get into arts and always tell to others that “My son is an engineer”, unless parents are working as teacher (becoz they want their son/daughter to become as teacher, safest job :P).

So our life go like go to engineer college, get into the job or do arts, PG, Ph.d and go as teacher.People will fear that arts subjects will not give job which pay higher.

But the ways have changed now. Where companies are going into a innovative world which involves on research and analysis which needs science.

Lets take a software engineer, who works on any platform which uses algorithms in it to solve lot of issues like sorting, hash etc..

In the express article, Rajeeva, director of CMI speaking, I came to know that their are specilized college for arts CMI, ISI which will take hand full of students every year and focus on research on Maths, Physics and computer.

And Rajeeva have consulted work for Parliamentary election and state assembly pools for Doordarshan, TV Today and more channels.Involved in CBI case to find the cheating involved in multiple choice question and as we know maths always involve in defence for encryption (use to know from Roja movie, thanks to Sujatha writer).

And all the banks, upcoming technological concepts like BigData, Machine learning, robotics all involves the science.

And I was looking into a Facebook engineering video and an indian was talking. I surfed about him and find out that he is an make of CMI college. And looked all profiles of CMI students and every one are in big jobs.

So it doesn’t matter whether we are engineer or an arts graduate. But what we do on that field is going to make our future.

“Sense of Discovery” in all our works need to there on whatever we do and it will become something big.

Ask why and how, which enables our minds to explore the things and its working to lead the innovation.

And then I decided that we should not bend our children to what we like or majority of people do. Let them know what they are good at and interested in. But one things, what ever they choose they need to become pro in it. 🙂